Asbestos is a highly regulated hazardous material. Sheltertech specializes in the effective assessment, sampling, and removal of this dangerous material.

We deliver quality asbestos abatement services on budget and on time. Sheltertech is staffed with professional, experienced inspectors, supervisors, and workers.

Safe and cost-effective asbestos removal is our specialty

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Sheltertech Corporation provides professional mold remediation services that dont just treat the mold but instead are designed to identify and remove the mold spores and their source.

Our specialized equipment and technical training will ensure that the mold is succesfully removed and doesn't come back.

Don't let mold eat away at your building and your pocketbook - have it done right the first time

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Site Assessment

From Environmental Site Assessments to asbestos inspections to mold investigations, Sheltertech can deliver the information you need.

Our inspection procedures have been continually refined and improved over 20 years of service. If there is a problem in your building we'll find it and then provide you the information you need to deal with it safely and effectively.

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Services Overview


Asbestos Services


Asbestos Testing

Sheltertech offers AHERA, NESHAP, pre-demolition, pre-purchase and general asbestos inspection services     

Asbestos Abatement

From small patch and repair projects to large, full containment asbestos removal projects, Sheltertech has been safetly removing asbestos for over 20 years. 

Mold & Water Damage Services


Mold Testing

Visible mold is easy to spot. Hidden mold, however, can be difficult to find and even more difficult to stop. Our personnel have years of experience in mold identification and testing methods and we are ready to help you solve your mold problem.   

Mold Removal

Mold has been around for millions of years but the techniques to safely and effectively remove it are changing quickly. Our mold removal team is trained to identify and carry out the best remediation procedures for each situation.    

Emergency Response - Water Damage

Response time is critical following natural disasters and building failures. Sheltertech's team of emergency response technicians is ready to respond to any emergency.   

Environmental Assessments


Phase I Environmental Assessments

Sheltertech has been performing Environmental Assessments for banks and prospective property owners for over two decades. Don't take a chance when buying a new property - let us check it out for you first.   

Hazardous Materials Surveys

Sheltertech provides inspection and testing services for asbestos, mold, lead, radon, methamphetamines and a variety of other potential hazards. We'll help you find and quantify hazards in your building quickly and thoroughly.   

Air Quality Testing Services

We can help you identify and correct a variety of air quality related problems including mold, particulates, chemicals and general ventilation issues. You can breathe easy once we're on the job.   

Construction Services



Sheltertech provides cost-effective demolition and dismantling services including interior and exterior selective demolition and full facility/structural demolition services.   


No need to find and manage a subcontractor to rebuild after abatement or remediation work - Sheltertech has an in-house rebuild team to put things back to together. Our crew of construction professionals will have your space looking better than new in no time.   

Design Build & Renovation

For larger projects, Sheltertech can serve as your general contractor for renovation of your commercial, residential, or government property, alleviating you of the worries and hassles of coordinating with multiple subcontractors and architects.    
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  • "Told me over the phone from my description what my problem was and how to remedy it. He was honest and didn't charge me a thing or tell me I needed unnecessary testing. "

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    "I've never had any hesitation recommending Sheltertech to my clients. I know that George will treat them fairly and professionally every time"

    Dave Gutterud Indoor Environment Group, Inc.

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